ASBD will host a Communications Skills workshop and an Applied Ultrasound for Clinicians workshop in Melbourne on 8th and 9th March 2019. Attendees may choose to attend either or both workshops. ASBD will also host a Networking Event at the Melbourne Marriot on Friday evening 8th March from 6.30pm -8.30pm for attendees and presenters of both workshops, in the spirit of ASBD’s multidisciplinary collegiality.

Communication Skills

The Communication Skills workshop, designed and facilitated by Prof. Jane Turner, is appropriate for all medical professionals.

Good communication skills are seen as fundamental to clinical practice and many professional bodies mandate some training as part of professional development. Training typically focuses on core topics such as “Breaking bad news” and “Discussing treatment options”. These are fundamental areas however in clinical practice the communication challenges are often more nuanced. Challenges range from responding to the person who repeatedly asks for reassurance, to the person who is angry or entitled. Being confronted with people who have difficulty making treatment decisions or who openly reject evidence-based treatment recommendations can also be enormously difficult.

This workshop provides a theoretical framework for understanding the complex determinants of personality and adult adjustment, including discussion of the role of past experiences in shaping response to illness and disease. The workshop is based on a series of illustrative case vignettes in which participants will work in small groups to devise strategies for responding to communication challenges. Although there will not be role plays, there will be demonstrations of practical ways of communicating and opportunities for participants to discuss their own clinical experiences.

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Applied Ultrasound for Clinicians

The Applied Ultrasound for Clinicians workshop facilitated by Dr Daniel de Viana, Prof Ian Bennett, and Mr Michael Law is designed for breast surgeons and other clinicians with limited prior experience in the use of ultrasound. This educational activity is endorsed by BreastSurgANZ and will be submitted to RACS CPD Program. The course is accredited towards CCPU by the Australian Society for Ultrasound Medicine (ASUM).

The course program will include:
 Physics of ultrasound
 Practical breast ultrasound optimisation
 Breast ultrasound anatomy, pathology and clinical applications
 Integration of office ultrasound into (surgical) practice
 Ultrasound guided biopsy
 Perioperative ultrasound techniques
 Practical workshop (Live scanning of patients; core, fine needle, and novel biopsy techniques on phantoms)

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