Membership to the Society is not limited. However, the membership of the Executive is specifically defined so as to include representation from the major medical disciplines within the field of breast disease and also to provide for representation for membership from other discipline areas. The Australasian Society for Breast Disease Constitution states that the mandatory disciplines to be represented on the Executive are medical oncology, pathology, radiology, radiation oncology, surgery and breast medicine.

Executive Committee composition as at December 2018: 

A/Prof Elisabeth Elder, Breast Surgeon, President

Dr Yvonne ZissiadisRadiation Oncologist, Vice President

Dr Minjae Lah, Radiation Oncologist, Treasurer

Dr Catherine Shannon, Medical Oncologist, Secretary

Dr Peter Chin, Surgeon (NZ)

Dr Reena RamsaroopPathologist (NZ)

A/Prof Nirmala PathmanathanPathologist

Dr Patty Connor, Radiologist 

Dr Jennifer O'Sullivan, Breast Physician

Dr Nick Repin, Radiologist

Ms Kerry Eyles, Executive Officer

Previous Executive Committee members 

Dr Geoffrey Beadle, Medical Oncologist (2001-2005; Secretary/Treasurer 2003-2005; co-opted 2005-2007)
Dr Nalini Bhola, Radiologist (2017-2018)
A/Prof Michael Bilous
, Pathologist (1997-2001)
Dr Natacha Borecky, Radiologist (2006-2011, co-opted 2004-2006)
A/Prof John Boyages, Radiation Oncologist (1997-2001; co-opted 2001-2002)
A/Prof Meagan Brennan, Breast Physician (2013-2017; Treasurer 2015-2017)
Dr Reuben Broom, 
Medical Oncologist co-opted (2016-2017)
Dr Marie-Frances Burke
, Radiation Oncologist (2004-2010, Treasurer / Secretary 2005-2009; co-opted 2003-2004, 2009-2011)
Dr Jacqueline Chirgwin, Medical Oncologist (co-opted 2009-2011)
Dr Daniel de Viana, Surgeon (2008-2017, President 2011-2015)
Dr Roslyn Drummond
, Radiation Oncologist (2009-2015)
Dr Susan Fraser, Breast Physician (2009- 2015)
Dr James French, Surgeon, (2013-2016, co-opted 2012-2016)
Prof Michael Friedlander Medical Oncologist (co-opted 2007-2009)
Dr Colin Furnival, Surgeon (1997-1999; co-opted 1999-2001)
Prof Michael Green, Medical Oncologist (1997-2001; co-opted 2001-2003)
A/Prof Bruno Giuffre, Radiologist (2010- 2015)
Mr Richard Harman,
Surgeon (2015-2017)
Prof Jennet Harvey
, Pathologist (2001-2009; President 2005-2007; co-opted 2008-2009)
Dr Cherrell Hirst, (1997-2000; President 1997-1999)
A/Prof Nehmat Houssami, Breast Physician/Clinical Epidemiologist (2001-2009; co-opted 2009-2010)
Ms Elspeth Humphries, (BCNA Representative, co-opted 2001-2003) 
Dr Michael Izard, Radiation Oncologist (2001-2005, co-opted 2005-2007)
A/Prof Jack Jellins, Scientist (1997-2002; Secretary/Treasurer 1997-2001; co-opted 2002-2005)
Mr Wayne Jones, Surgeon (2013-2014; co-opted 2012-2013)
Prof Bogda Koczwara, Medical Oncologist 
Mr James Kollias, Surgeon (2002-2009; co-opted 2009-2010)
Prof Sunil Lakhani, Pathologist (2011-2015) 
Dr Warwick Lee
, Radiologist (2001-2009; President 2003-2005; co-opted 2009-2010)
Dr Julia Leeds, BCNA Representative (co-opted 2008-2011)
Ms Veronica Macaulay-Cross, (BCNA Representative, co-opted 2004-2006)
Dr Lynne Mann, Surgeon (2005-2010, co-opted 2003-2005, 2009-2011)
Mr William McLeay, Surgeon (1997-2001, co-opted 2001-2003)
Dr Kerry McMahon, Radiologist, (2009 - 2016, Secretary/Treasurer (2009-2015)
Ms Lyn Moore, (BCNA Representative, co-opted 2006-2007)
Dr Debbie Pfeiffer, Breast Physician (2016-2017)
Dr Margaret Pooley
, Surgeon (1999-2003; President 2001-2003; co-opted 2003-2006)
A/Prof Wendy Raymond, Pathologist (2005-2015)
Dr Michelle Reintals, 
Radiologist ( 2013-2018)
A/Prof Mary Rickard
, Radiologist (1997-2004; President 1999-2001; co-opted 2004-2007)
Dr Belinda Scott, Surgeon (2008-2012; co-opted 2008-2010)
Prof Robin Stuart-Harris, Medical Oncologist (2004-2012; President 2007-2010; co-opted 2004-2005)
A/Prof Donna Taylor, Radiologist (2016-2017)
Prof Shih-Chang (Ming) Wang
, Radiologist (co-opted 2011-2012)